About NAILPRO Europe

10 reasons to take part in Nailpro Eastern European Championship:

  1. Nailpro Competitions are the most powerful championships in the world.  It was a springboard to the world nail champion stars:  Tom Holcomb, who won many championship many times.  Trang Nguyen, Pisut Masanong, Lynn Lammers, Lorena Marquez, Rachel Moritison were all champions.  
  2. The main Nailpro EEU prize is a full-paid trip to ISSE to represent Ukraine at Nailpro World Cup and an Eastern european Champion title.
  3. Winners will get not only cups, medals, but the money as well! 
  4. We invited certificated and independent judges from USA, Europe and Asia. It makes Nailpro Eastern Europe the most honest and objective competition in Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe in general.
  5. Even if you’re a beginner and compete as a novice you’ll have an opportunity to compete with veterans in several nominations and to get a great experience. International judges will assess your works and give you precious advice and recommendations.
  6. Nailpro Eastern Europe is an international competition that hosts technicians and teams from different countries! The first Championship Nailpro EEU Open is a great opportunity to get unique international competitive experience and approvement.
  7. Nailpro Eastern Europe is a competition that takes place in 6 countries, as well as in ONLINE mode. The masters of the whole world have the opportunity to take part in an online contest – Nailpro Nailapalooza EEu!
  8. Winners of Nailpro EEU will get an opportunity to compete in Nailpro Global Cup that is about to launch in the nearest future and fight with champions from Asia and USA for the World Champion title!
  9. Nailpro is a powerful prestigious championship that’s why participation will upgrade your professional skills.
  10. Nailpro is a really respectable brand all over the world. Such item in your CV is better than 10 others. Participation in Nailpro will be the start of a bright future and will help you to get beneficial suggestions from world nail trade marks, invitations to attend classes abroad or even to teach abroad. It’s a huge investment into your name, status and professional level.

Join to the world nail guru and become a winner!It’s an opportunity to prove that you’re the best!


Nailpro Eastern Europe is officially launched

A lot of talented nail technicians believe that Nailpro World Cup is one of the most important professional achievements. But unfortunately for lots of European professionals it’s a problem not to get the Cup but even to approach the Championship: journey to USA is quite expensive and strict visa is needed. Strict visa officers are well-known hope breakers even for those who can afford this trip.

Luckily, now all technicians from Eastern Europe, Ukrainians first of all, have a possibility to compete in Nailpro Championship: 2014 will be the year of Nailpro EEU launch – a licensed championship approved by an American Nailpro head-office – Creative Age Publications Inc. Jewell Cunningham, Nailpro Competition Director announced it. Viktoriia Klopotova will be an official representative of the Nailpro Championship in Eastern Europe that will be launched with the support of Eastern European Nail Association (EENA).

Jewell Cunningham told us what is the perspective of Nailpro EEU and how is will look like.


Jewell, why did Nailpro head office notice the region of Eastern Europe?

Jewell: Eastern Europe has a well-established beauty industry. This new competition series Eastern Europe Nailpro Competitions, will help to focus public and professional attention on the artistry and craft of the nail technician in these countries. This will be an exciting venture.

Jewell Cunningham and Viktoriia Klopotova joined their forces to create an analogue of prestigious championship. The first eliminative competition will take place 27 February – 1st of March 2014 in Charkiv, Ukraine and Jewell will come to judge it. The European champion will get a title and full-payed trip to USA to compete at the Nailpro Cup Championship in Las Vegas as a prize.

Moreover, the organizers announced an on-line competition for Hand Painted Nail Art and Mixed Media categories. The best 12 works will be sent to compete at the Nailpro Long Beach competition in January 2014. The final decision will be made by Jewell Cunningham and Viktoriia Klopotova.

According to the contract conditions, Jewell Cunningham or her colleague Carla Collier (head judge of Nailpro Championship) will be present on first competitions and on the Final as well. As a competition director since 2007, mrs. Cunningham is the one who is interested in success and high professionalism of the Nailpro EEU. Her presence will guarantee honesty and legality of results.


What plans the company has besides the European championship?

Jewell: Competitions were established in 2001 as a series of competitive events held across the country. The competitions have grown since then to include the Nailpro Cup Series, in which competitors’ scores are accumulated across 37 different competitions held at six different events. The competitions challenge competitors’ artistic and technical skills in an array of different formats, including soak-off gels, free-style sculptured nails and, of course, nail art. One of the Nailpro Cup’s most important innovations is the support it gives to first-time competitors. One of our signature competitions is the ‘Salon Success’ competition, which tests the technicians’ real-world ability to create superb salon-style nails.


Jewell Cunningham has served as the Nailpro Competition director since 2007. She is an experienced competitor herself, a past World Champion, former Mayor of Nail City, and has worked in the industry for more than 30 years. Nailpro Competitions are a division of Creative Age Communications, Inc. Founded in 1971, Creative Age is a full-service communications company committed to providing professional information and education of the highest quality. Among its offerings are magazines such as Nailpro, DAYSPA, MedEsthetics, Beauty Store Business, Launchpad and The Colorist; events such as Nailpro Nails-Only Shows, and the Nailpro Cup Competition Series, as well as e-newsletters, websites and digital editions.


With the launch of Nailpro EEU dreams of many European nail techs will come true. They’ll get a chance to show their talents and mastership, to get an experience to compete on prestigious international championship and to get an approval or advices from such influential industry specialists as Jewell Cunningham and Carla Collier.