Tom Holcomb Inspiration Award

“Tom Holcomb created the benchmark for the perfect sculptured nail."

- Jewell Cunningham, Worldwide Director, NAILPRO Nail Competitions


Tom Holcomb was a nail industry icon, innovator and competitor who passed away in 2012 at the age of 44. Jewell Cunningham, Worldwide Director of the NAILPRO Nail Competitions and NAILPRO Cup Series, began an industry award in his honor. This award recognizes a nail professional whose accomplishments live up to the standards of excellence set by the late Tom Holcomb. 


“Tom was passionate about the nail industry,” continues Jewell Cunningham. “If someone asked him how he created a particular effect, he would stop and explain, even if he were competing. And Tom had such a great sense of humor. I miss him, and so does the industry.”


"When NAILPRO judges are sizing up a set of sculptured nails, the nails we have in mind are Tom’s,” notes Cunningham. “Tom knew he was good, even great, but he always felt he could be better. So many of us were inspired by him and learned from him. We at NAILPRO are grateful to his family, who have given us exclusive permission to commemorates his legacy with this award.” 


Tom was a 10-time World Champion, five-time Japan Master and two-time International Champion in both Munich and Dusseldorf. Over the course of his career, he was associated with various manufacturers, including Premium Nail Products (which was originally named Tom Holcomb Nail Products), Galaxy Nail Products, EZ Flow and Entity Beauty.

Below is a list of the talented and exceptional nail professionals who have been honored with the Tom Holcomb Inspiration Award: 


Competition Name
Karin Strom - 2018
Competition Name
Carla Collier - 2016
Competition Name
Alisha Rimando - 2015
Competition Name
Amy Becker - 2014
Competition Name
Azumi Kanene - 2013