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NAIL-A-PALOOZA Summer 2019

NAILPRO Competitions at NAILPRO Sacramento, September 22, 2019


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Attention Competitors! Important changes to the 2019 Competition Season

First, I’m very happy to announce the return of the NAILPRO Cup Presentation to our very own NAILPRO Sacramento Show.  In addition, we’ve made some changes and added some new events to our competition schedule, including competitions at the Oregon Nail Expo (ONE) as a “NAILPRO Sanctioned” competition. This means NAILPRO Sanctioned competitions will use majority of our Rules & Regulations, Judging Guidelines and Judges (when available). NAILPRO Sanctioned competitions will be included in the overall competition schedule and have a specific logo indicating it as an Official “NAILPRO Sanctioned” event. All scores acquired at these sanctioned competitions will also count toward the 2019 NAILPRO Cup points for both Individual and Team.  By building relationships with new shows, we hope to drive competition interest and grow participation! Lastly, effective immediately, we will no longer be participating with Premiere Beauty Show or IBS Las Vegas. 

Check out our NEW schedule for the remainder of the 2019 NAILPRO Cup Season HERE and also take a moment to review ALL RULES as some information has been updated.


Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in the upcoming competitions!  


Jewell Cunningham, Global Director, NAILPRO Nail Competitions

(818) 516-2999




NOTICE FOR NAIL ART THEMES: These will be using these themes for the remainder of the 2019 season and some may be added to the 2020 season.